Absinthe Activism Arts is a Louisville

Rachael (she/her) is a coffee enthusiast, loves puns a little too much, and likes to retreat to places with no wifi as often as possible. She is one of those weird people who run for fun. She is co-host of the podcast Armchair Apocrypha: A Podcast.

Who We Are
based creative collective.

Andrew Massie (he/him or they/them) is the author of In the Shadows of My Mind (Savant 2017) and Red Hats and Black Masks (Guillotine Press 2019). He is co-host of the podcast Armchair Apocrypha: A Podcast.

Mari (that's Mary with an i) Thompson (she/her) is bougie and won't apologize for it ever again. People keep calling her a writer, but really she's just a Capricorn girl living in this lonely world with a cat or two or three.


Kaitie White (she/her)

Floren Rene Kyteler (they/them or xey/xem) is an award winning actor appearing in regional theater and independent films.

Rachael Clark